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My Testimonial About A Great Website...

The Best Place to Sell (…


Seller ID: BFlower


I was a novice seller who was looking to get rid of my home furniture and appliances. My plan was to list on several sites so I can get the best exposure and increase my chances of selling.  I wanted to target sites that were local so I wouldn't be responsible for shipping.

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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR HONEST COMPUTER HELP... repairs, training, installation????

Please CALL 301-674-1441.  Tell Peter your issues and if it is quick fix, he'll let you know.

System slow?  Viruses or spyware?  Need training?  Home networking?  We fix pretty much anything and have been working on computers since the days of DOS.

You also can request help through this site's HELP CENTER and create a New Ticket.

(Help with this site is free.  For other computer issues and problems, please contact Peter.)

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Some Reasons to Login, But U R Free to Browse as a Guest.

Of course, you are free to browse all ads/posting within our site.   If you only want to browse, please use a link from the Top Menu or one of the Side Menus.

As a Moderated website with a goal of keeping it "clean", scammer-free, and with honest postings that are priced fair & reasonable, it is suggested that guests create a secure account.  No money or credit card/bank information is needed or requested.  And personal information is NOT available within your public profile.

When you are logged-in,

1) the system will send you a copy of a viewed post's details for your review later.

2) if the item has pictures of any defects, you can see them.

3) if the owner of the posting (seller, buyer, donee) has posted a phone number, you will have access to it.

4) you will see the Original Offering Price for comparison to its current price.

5) there may be other fields of information about an item not available to the general public.

6) you will be able to Bid on ads that are in our Bid/Auction section. (coming soon!)

7) you can send Private Reply Messages to item advertisers/posters.

8) you can POST an AD (for free) to sell an item, let others know what you want to buy, or to donate.

9) you may be entitled to other free personal site services.

Remember, too... if you ever need help, either call 301-674-1441, use our Live Chat, or go to our Help Center.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 10:58

Post Your Rental Property... for free!

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Post your house, apartment, or vacation rental for free!  The Best Place To Sell is now accepting postings in the category of housing rentals.  As a moderated site, the "problems" you may have heard about on other classifieds will be tough to find here.  As you know, all posts are reviewed by a moderator.  If the ad poster has not provided full information, including a phone number, and if the information posted does not make sense, then that ad will not post live.  So if you have a place to rent, go ahead and make The Best Place To Sell and to rent your property your "home page" for all of your rental postings.


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A Moderated Classifieds

E-mail Print PDF (The Best Place to Buy & Sell good condition used items), the portal site of The Sellers Catalog, was designed to offer the best of other online classifieds while eliminating many of the complaints and problems learned by experienced sellers and buyers.  We embrace certain core values and philosophies that only our Moderated buying and selling venue can offer.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 August 2011 23:37
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